Testimonials - Christian Shenouda Photography

"Honestly, you won't meet a more passionate photographer.

Such an enjoyable experience and pics speak for themselves.

Can't recommend enough!"

-Sarah H.

Los Angeles, CA

"Christain Shenouda's lens aims straight for the heart of each photograph he takes.

He captures the radiance, joy, authenticity and spontaneity of his subject.

Not only is he a skilled professional, he kind and extremely patient.

I highly recommend him for your pet's portrait . . .or for your own professional needs

Rock Star!!!"

-Stephanie P.

 Santa Monica, CA

"Christian is such a talented photographer. He's relaxed behind the camera and that flows through the lens and makes his subjects comfortable which allows him to get the best shots! He's got a really creative eye! I love his work."

-Shannon P.

Fullerton, CA

"Christian is a joy to see at the dog park, even when he comes without his camera, so it is especially fun when he brings his gadgets along. Our Australian Cattle Dog, Nova, is a major jumper and backflipper (right, Christian?). She LOVES his camera and I think she jumps an extra inch higher when Christian is around. Christian is very mellow and kind, and his photos of Nova are breathtaking. I recommend working with Christian if you want to have great action shots of your dogs."

-A C.

Santa Monica, CA

"I met Christian at the dog park while playing with my dog, Bella, and visiting friends. Christian introduced himself and was very friendly and polite. He had his camera and asked if would be OK to take some pictures. It is always a good idea to ask for permission first, as Christian did, and that put me at ease. Once Christian went to work and started showing us some of his shots, we were very excited and requested he send us the photos. When I got home, I was thrilled to see Christian's photos of our dogs. He took exciting action shots (one was even published on the national blog Daily Puppy) as well as detailed close-ups. Christian obviously is very talented and likes his work. I have lots of pics of my dog taken from my iPhone, but they are nothing compared to Christian's professional quality photography. I strongly recommend Christian, and am absolutely confident you will be grateful to have his photos to keep coming back to again and again."

-Joel R.

Venice, CA

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